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My wife and I are in our sixties, all of our children are grown, and we have 1 granddaughter and a small little dog. We are now at the point in our lives when we want to have healthy and oily lives, stick to our exercise program, attend church, and eat the right foods. We am very interested in learning all there is to know about our bodies, maintaining proper nutritional, mental, physical and spiritual health. We am very active with the Young Living lifestyle, and if you read this and have any questions about this wonderful product, do not hesitate to email me, I am here to serve. I also have a passion to teach, and am now writing a lesson plan named "Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils", which will debut March 11, 2016. My "why" is because I have abused alcohol most of my adult life, and tobacco, and was injured with broken bones from a motorcycle accident, have had a deadly disease called Hepatitis C for twenty years, and a heart attack. I have had nine lives truly. But now that I have received an answer to support my health, from my Lord and Savior, I have put asunder the rocky battles from the past, am forgiven, and I have a new lease on life. I appreciate Young Living products because of the Seed to Seal Process, which I know of no other company that can compare.
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