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Anyone can distill a plant, but to give it the maximum therapeutic properties there is a precise science as well as an art form. Find out how Young Living has master the art and science of distillation.




Who needs research, anyway?








Without research how will we ever know what needs to be done to yield the best essential oils?

One of my favorite Young Living lessons is that on Idaho Balsam Fir. It took Gary almost a decade to figure out the best way to distill this tree. At first, taking a tree and distilling in spring, he discovered there were few available compounds beneficial to us in the essential oil. Then, the summer...even fewer. Fall harvest, a few more compounds. A winter harvest in several feet of snow in negative degrees temperature yielded an essential oil with hundreds of scientifically identifiable compounds known to be beneficial to the human body.
Why? Well, when Gary and scientists at Young Living began researching, they discovered something, which when you know, makes perfect sense, but really you never thought about it.
Idaho Balsam Fir is a conifer tree. It must weather the harshest, coldest, most extreme conditions through the winter. You see, the essential oils are in the tree. In the summer...down, way down, deep in the soil, through hundreds of feet of roots...essential oils. To get to them, you would need to dig up all of the roots of this tree. But something special happens in the winter. The essential oils come up from the roots and flood into every branch, every needle...every fiber of this tree, to help it sustain and thrive despite the conditions which would kill most other trees.
To get to the essential oils, you must harvest at this time. Is it fun being out in -20 degree weather, in the snow, hauling out trees with horses from a very thick forest? Nope. But Gary saw it had to be done and so we do it. He, along with members and staff from all over the world head to Idaho and freeze their tushes off so we can have the essential oil at its best.
Then came distillation. Most companies distill at super high temperatures for an hour or two, then purify and bottle. Time is money. Their sole goal is to get the oil in the bottle.
Not Gary. He tested at Balsam Fir distillation for an hour, two, four, -- up to twenty plus hours...to see where the best distill time is measured for this tree.
Could Gary have distilled and bottled spring, summer, or fall? Yes. He could. But he isn't looking to fill the bottle. If he was, this would work. Other companies do this. I'm sure you are noticing...Young Living is not like other companies.

Idaho Balsam Fir Harvest