Find out how a boot filled with lavender seeds ignited a dream and created the foundation for Young Living to thrive as the world leader in essential oils.
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KNOW your history



For those who are history buffs like me, this is fascinating.




Young Living has a history which spans back almost 30 years!



It all started with an injured logger (Gary Young), a passion for health and healing, and a chance meeting between two men who both knew the world needed more than what was being offered from essential oil companies at the time. Jean-Noël Landel, the man Gary met, forever changed the way he looked at essential oils. Jean-Noël, a french farmer, did not farm plants the way Americans did. He did not grow or distill them the same. Such care, consideration, and research were put into his efforts. This type of farming had not been seen in the United States. Our culture of the time was to plant a bunch, distill quickly at high temperatures, and bottle with several added constituents to stretch the quantity, preserve the oil, or synthetically alter the smell and compounds to yield a more pleasing product to the senses.



Jean-Noël listened to the plants. He grew without pesticides or weed killers. Rotated his crops perfectly. Added minerals and enzymes to the plants, harvested just the blossoms rather than uprooting and destroying the plant, distilled at a low temperature in beautiful old copper distills used in France for centuries, and made certain the utmost care and consideration were used when working with the plants and essential oils. Truly Providence, Gary just happened to meet and befriend one of the most amazing and knowledgeable men in the world of essential oils. How wonderful for all of us, he knew immediately how rare and valuable this experience was, saved up his money, and flew to France to learn everything Jean-Noël was willing to teach him. The two became best friends and partners. I have personally met Jean-Noël, and his son, who is continuing the traditions of his family. Honestly, I have never met a man so humble and kind. How lucky for all of us that he taught Gary how to properly farm and distill essential oils so we could have them in our country, too!