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 So, what’s the big deal about the Young Living farms? EVERYTHING! Find out why.




Young Living Farms Around The World



When Gary left France and Jean-Noël, he came back with smuggled lavender seeds filling his boots, and immediately set about planting and farming his two small pieces of land in Washington and Idaho, using all of the methods he had learned in France. Farming the right way has its rewards. The plants grew more beautiful and bountiful than those commercially grown in the US. Designing his first distiller to replicate those he had seen in France, Gary began distilling his own plants.

As time went on, Gary, the ultimate researcher and farmer, learned to plant a larger variety of crops, build newer and more modern distilleries, and learn more about the science and history of essential oils. He traveled all over the globe to find the plants he wanted, study the environment, and develop more farms exclusively dedicated to the farming, research, and education of essential oils. Today we have about a dozen farms and partner farms.
Our farms: dedicated to plants and essential oils grown in beyond organic conditions. Essential oils are used as pesticides on the plants. Some of these include lemongrass, clove, cinnamon bark, oregano, and eucalyptus essential oils. Plants are hand-weeded, so don't be surprised when you go to the farm and there are a few weeds in and among the plant rows. Most of our farms have distilleries on site. All of them have labs on site. Plants are given enzymes and minerals from composting, worm farms, and earth minerals/enzymes. While we strive to grow plants in native climates (most of our plants grow in the world zones they come from) we often look to the plant to figure out how it will grow best. Sometimes this means the best plant comes from planting it in a vastly different region. A prime example of this is our peppermint. While most species of peppermint grow at low elevations, Gary found by planting it up in higher elevation. At 2,000 ft on our Idaho farm, the peppermint we grow has shown to be one of the most amazing species of peppermint, with high levels of menthol and hundreds of amazing compounds shown to be beneficial.
Partner Farms: all must use the same care and growing practices as our main farms. We are in close relation with them and monitor every step of their farming.
Gary's farming mission: to continue to gain and grow farms. He would like Young Living to be entirely self-sufficient in our plants and farms. One day!
Some of our farms:


Northern Lights, Canada Farm





Tansy Harvest at Idaho Farm





Ecuador In-Depth Farm view -- long video





Mona Farm, Utah





Oman Farm - Frankincense