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Toilet Cleaner Comparison





Ewwwww. Nasty. Even talking about toilets gives me the hebejeebies. This is one of the grossest spots in any house. Just for fun... do you know where the most bacteria laden area in your house is... it isn't the toilet. Prepare to be disgusted: your kitchen sink. Yep. It has more bacteria than a toilet bowl. Toilet cleaners are some of the toughest, most astringent solutions on the market today. If your kitchen sink is the nastiest, then why aren't they the toughest? Turns out, they are created to combat rings of calcium, lime, and mineral deposits. Their tough, scrubbing action is required to remove those deposits that sit in the basin for hours a day without movement. Once again, Thieves puts the competition to shame. Making a paste for scrubbing action or even a spray to combat the gunk will keep your toilet looking sparkly clean!



Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner






Clorox is just yucky. There is no way to justify its use. With a host of chemicals all wrapped around bleach, use of this product is not only hazardous to your health, but also due to its high fume content, the health of your entire family. There just isn't enough fresh air available to combat the toxic fumes this stuff emits.      


Kaboom Foam-Tastic Toilet Cleaner






If there is one thing we can say about this cleaner, it's that they did not lie about the foam. It is the foamiest foam cleaner around. Remember what causes all that foam? Oh, yea. Chemicals. Lots and lots of chemicals. I know we all like the feeling and sight of a bunch of bubbles. It gives us that good clean juju we all need to feel when done scrubbing. We need to get over that. Seriously. It just is NOT worth our health so we can see some bubble action. I know it's hard. I, myself, struggle with the need for bubbles. We CAN and WILL overcome the bubble dependency.




Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner 






What can we say about Lysol? Well. It's a product that has cornered the market on clean. From all-purpose cleaners and toilet bowl scrubbers all the way to air fresheners... their name is synonymous with clean. I have to ask... why would anyone want to use a company whose expertise is in chemicals strong enough to strip a toilet back to brand-new looking as an air freshener? What do you imagine goes in their air freshener? For sure a host of chemicals much the same as in their toilet bowl cleaner. My lungs deserve so much more than a stripping of their mucus lining and a coat of chew-gloss. So do yours.