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Floor Cleaner Comparison





Floors are a big deal. Especially if you have babies crawling all over them. Honestly, they just gross me out. Especially if you wear your shoes in the house. Think about it. You go all over the world with those shoes. In and out of public places and restrooms. Places with feces, urine, and things we don't even want to think about. Just because you can't see it now doesn't mean it wasn't there leaving its nasty residue. Then it's on your shoe, traveling home. If you don't take them off, your floors and carpets are disgusting. I'm not sure about you, but the very last thing I want on my floors, where I walk around barefoot and my kids roll around, is someone else's urine from the floor of the department store bathroom. Don't go in those places? Too bad for you... because everyone else did and tracked it all over the store, you STILL have it on the bottom of your shoe. Have I said eeeeeeewwwww yet?



Floor Cleaner Comparison: Swiffer Wet Mop






Okay, confession time. Who uses these things? I'm not judging. They are convenient aren't they? Here's the thing though... they are just adding to our landfills. Not only the disposable product they are made from, but also the chemicals that drip out of them as well. Let's change our use of these. My solution? I have a steam mop I adore with changeable pads for the bottom. I spray the floors about ten feet in front of me with thieves solution and go over them with 212 degree steaming water. Result? Clean, shiny floors.




Floor Cleaner Comparison: Method Squirt and Mop





Just squirt on and mop -- no need to rinse! That is their slogan for this cleaner. Need I say anything at this point in our class? Where on earth would anyone get the idea that squirting chemicals all over their floor, swishing a damp mop around, and letting it all dry in a nice toxic coat is a good idea? Why, why, why? Since there's no fixing this lost cause, let's just avoid this one and use Thieves on our floors. My friends without steam mops just fill a bucket with warm water and add a few capfuls of thieves concentrate. I hear they love it. Have you done this?



Floor Cleaner Comparison: Mop & Glo





What is it with this trend of no rinsing? How many products are there that are now eliminating the important step of removing the chemicals you put everywhere? Not that we could ever rinse them all away, but come on, anything has to be better than laying it down and leaving it.