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Dish Soap Comparison





There really is no comparison here. Thieves dish soap puts all other dish soaps to shame. But... as I am a full-disclosure kind of girl, I need to tell you I had the same issue with this one as I did with the laundry soap. Bubbles. I don't need them in my toothpaste, I don't need them in my all-purpose or toilet cleaner, but I need them in my dish soap. You won't find very many here... when you eliminate chemicals and surfactants, you eliminate bubbles. So... if you can't live without them... you may not be thrilled with this cleaner. I have gotten over it... mostly. Once you notice how clean your dishes are, I'm sure you'll get over it, too.




Take A Closer Look  


Mrs. Meyers


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It is frustrating to me as a consumer when "green" companies put ingredients in their product which are harmful to my family. 






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I remember growing up with this one. With a large number of cancer causing chemicals, this one should be avoided for sure! 







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What strikes me as irony here... Dawn's commercials show them degreasing animals after oil spills. They are the "environmental company", right? Well, it turns out... all those surfactants and chemicals are known for stripping oils away from surfaces. While I commend Dawn for their efforts in helping poor creatures after disasters, I really wish they would truly be more environmentally friendly.