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Air Freshener Comparison







Don't breathe in those harmful synthetics! There is a much fresher, nature-made, beyond organic air freshener available. Just turn on a Young Living diffuser, add a few drops of oil and a little water, and let it run! Your entire house will smell fabulous.


Typical air fresheners don't actually freshen the air. They just layer everything in an invisible coat of toxin. Air fresheners are suspected of causing everything from headaches and concentration issues to respiratory distress, skin problems, and even cancer. The problem here is we can't see these toxins. We think if we can't see them, they can't hurt us. Out of sight, out of mind. We need to realize those smells are not natural, and certainly not healthy, and we should banish them from our homes.






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Scent in plastic vial of toxic waste, anyone? Full of parabens and glycol ethers, stay as far away from this as you can.



Air Wick


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These just kill me -- push a button that dispenses a fog of chemicals and run around spraying the air everywhere you go!


In no time, you'll have air quality so bad, you could rival China for lethal air toxicity.


What happened to good old fashioned fresh air from opening a window? Dried flowers, essential oils, -- even throwing some cookies in the oven.


You can find a way to make your house smell nice without the danger.





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This company has one of the best marketing campaigns in the industry. They have somehow convinced the world that they actually neutralize odors. They don't. But they do blanket them in a clear chemical fog so you don't smell them anymore.