Frankincense is an amazing Biblical oil. It was given to the Christ child at his birth as well as ordained by God to be burned in the Tabernacle and Temple 24/7. When King Tut's tomb was opened they found sealed jars of frankincense inside. Upon testing they found that the frankincense was still good 3000 years later! Distilled at Young Living's Frankincense farm, this oil causes quite a stir when people talk about it. Many companies claim to have frankincense. Sadly, most do not. It grows in Oman, parts of Somalia, and few other desert regions. The Omani use this oil, and the resin it comes from, daily. They are known to grab a hunk of resin off the tree and just start chewing. Why? Well, once again, regulations will keep us from talking about this jewel. Use your resources and the internet to search some government documents on Frankincense research.


Coincidentally, this is a great site for all of your research needs. In our house, we use Frankincense in every way imaginable. It is part of our everyday. We chew the gum, drink the tea, (both Slique line products,) and diffuse the oil. We surround ourselves with frankincense. We also have the Frankincense resin burner and resin from Young Living. I cannot say enough about this one. Love, love, love.
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- In ancient Egyptian manuscripts it is recorded that frankincense was "used to treat every conceivable ill known to man" and that "frankincense is good for everything from gout to a broken head."
- I love to rub Frankincense on my feet and spine for total mind and body health.
- Frankincense on my forehead and temples helps me maintain a calm demeanor and enjoy my day.
- Frankincense helps our family maintain normal immune function so we can be active and enjoy life all year long.
- A drop of Frankincense on the crown of my head helps me maintain an even mood and keeps me focused on the task in front of me.
- Frankincense is so wonderful for supporting skin health. I love to put it on my face and diluted around my eyes, followed by a moisturizer. It helps my skin stay young and youthful.
- Frankincense helps maintain normal cell regeneration and function. Want some fun info on how we get our frankincense oil? Watch Gary Young as he explains. It's fascinating!