Purification is such a refreshing blend of essential oils. It smells fantastic, and makes everything smell fresh and clean. It contains: citronella, lemongrass, lavandin, rosemary, melaleuca, and myrtle. Another favorite of mine. I love diffusing it on the picnic table while camping. Yes... I call camping bringing a camper and a long power cord to my diffuser. Don't judge. We used to tent camp. Before children. Now we just need too much, and don't forget, I have old age complaints...sleeping on a tent floor would not help me refrain from complaining.



LFA Compliant Purification 2 300x225



-I love to make a salve out of purification and coconut oil. Bugs fear me and leave me alone on long hikes. Another favorite thing to do is to add about 20 drops of purification to a 2 oz bottle of witch hazel and spray our arms and legs for a similar effect.


-Purification is excellent at eliminating odors! It doesn't just cover them, it neutralizes them. I have sucessfully been able to eliminate the smell of burnt bacon through out the whole house. How did I do it? I just put some purification in the diffuser and diffused it in each room for about 15-30 minutes and then moved on... waa-laa... a fresh and clean smelling home, no sign of burnt bacon!


-Since we are talking about stinky things... Let me think of some things that stink in my house: Kids, dogs, shoes, arm pits. Guess what they all have in common other than the fact that they stink. We use purification on them. Wait, what? Yep... I make us this fantastic spray that I use for all things stinky, including my kids and dog. I take a 2 ounce glass bottle and add about 15-20 drops of purification and a pinch of salt, then fill it the rest of the way with water and give it a good shake before spraying. It takes the smell away like nothing else!!!


-Actually my husband and I both often use it as deodorant and we find that it works VERY well. -Rubbing purification behind my ears keeps them healthy and maintains proper drainage. -A dab of Purification here and there keeps my face blemish free! I also like to add it to my organic face moisturizer at night to help maintain healthy skin.