Love it or hate it, this oil is great! Some people can't stand the smell or taste of this oil. If you are not fond of licorice, you will not enjoy it. You see, it has anise and fennel. Both lovely, licorice smelling oils. It also has tarragon and ginger...very smelly oils. But we don't use oils just for the way they smell, do we? Nope. God made stinky plants, too. We use them for their amazing compounds and the way they help us stay healthy. Stinky or not, they have a place in my home.



LFA Compliant DiGize 300x225
- This blend is amazing, and I use it daily now to support my digestive system!

- Nobody in our house likes the smell, but the kids will bring me the bottle when they have occasional tummy discomfort.


- LOVE IT for digestion, intestinal and gut support! Especially when having to be around others are not supporting their systems.


- I take a couple of drops in a capsule after eating something that just doesn't agree with me.


- I love reading on long trips in the car again.