I cannot say enough about this oil. Honestly. I think it is one of the most under estimated oils in our company. The Brazilians, where this tree grows, ingest copaiba daily -- sometimes a teaspoon or more. Their reasons are vast, just as the properties of the oil are vast. I could honestly write fifteen pages on this oil alone if the government would let me. If you go on to look up any one oil from this class, please, please, let it be this one. It is the least talked about, but probably the one you will love the most in your kit. Unless you have a thing for Frankincense, like me...but that is another post. This oil includes the naturally occurring constituents beta-caryophyllene and alpha-humulene, and can be mixed with honey and warm water for a warming, essential oil-infused tea.



LFA Compliant Copaiba 300x225
-We take this oil in capsules as a daily supplement. It is virtually tasteless, so feel free to add it to anything you so desire.
- We love to use this to soothe occasional discomfort that comes with getting older.
- I find it soothing and supportive to aid the body in its natural ability to heal from occasional injury.
- I love to use Copaiba together with Frankincense and Balsam Fir, to soothe aches and occasional discomfort that flares up.
- We love to use this to soothe normal oral discomfort in our children.