The first oil we are going to be talking about is LAVENDER! Lavender is called the Swiss Army Knife of essential oils. Wonder why? Well, it can do just about everything. I always say, "when in doubt, try lavender"! To say it simply, Lavender is good for people with skin.




LFA Compliant Lavender 150x150




- We love to use lavender at night in the diffuser. We wake so rested and refreshed.


- I like to apply lavender to my wrist when I feel occasional anxiety. It helps to create a sense of peace and relaxation.


- I love how quiet things are at night when my hubby swabs his nose with lavender.


- Every time I work out in the yard, I love using lavender on my hands


- One of my favorite ways to use lavender is to mix it with a carrier oil such as coconut oil and then place it in a colored glass roller ball stick. It is so easy to apply swipes from head-to-toe to before going outside. Whether working in my garden, going for a walk, or relaxing on my patio, it's fantastic how the bugs just leave me alone.


- We use this one in our homemade creams, lotions, and shampoos. I put a few drops on my wool dryer balls and toss them in the dryer.