lEssential Oils and Kids



This one causes parents concern. Why? Well, because we are parents. It is our job to ensure our children have the healthiest, happiest life possible. Here are some common sense rules with essential oils.


1. Under the age of 3, I follow the general rule of thumb to dilute with a carrier oil, (coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, sesame seed oil, and Young Living even has a V-6 oil that is great for dilution), unless it is on the bottom of their feet.


2. Your kids are smaller than you. They need less oil. Simple, eh? It really is that simple. If you are diffusing or topically applying essential oils, don't worry, you can't over oil a child. The body is an amazing marvel. It accepts what it needs from the skin. Nothing more. Have you ever done an iodine test? Let me tell you a little story about my kids.


'I was doing some research on iodine long ago when they were little. At the time they were taking swim classes, and I knew this common activity leaches minerals from the body. The book suggested an iodine test. Very simple. Get orange iodine and put it on feet. The body will absorb what it needs. If it needs nothing, your feet will remain orange until it wears off. Okay. So there I am, orange iodine and dropper in hand, kids feet in the air, painting the bottoms as they giggle. Within a few hours it was gone. I decide to do it again. Obviously, they needed it. My son has the bright idea of using the dropper as a paint brush, and his belly as the canvas. So, there we are, giggling and painting a giant picture of a bunny with huge ears, a fluffy tail, great whiskers --- the works. On both kids. They went to bed and woke up with no bunnies. To which I then tell my son that mommy is a magician without a hat --- I made a bunny just disappear!! You are probably not even smiling right now, but trust me... to a two year old and a five year old... you are a magnificent magician if you do this. Well, now that the bunny is gone, the two year old wants flowers and butterflies. The five year old still wants a bunny. Mommy takes out her magic paint brush and several more giggles later, we have a canvas even VanGogh would have been impressed with. Day after day the art disappeared. I was beginning to feel this was an exercise in seeing how gullible I was. Five days, people. It took five days of bunnies, butterflies, flowers, airplanes, stars, and other amazing art before it stayed. On the fifth day, the bunny looked as orange as it did the day before. That darn bunny stayed on his belly for a solid week. Lesson learned. They had, apparently, met their iodine needs.'

- Amanda Uribe, Young Living Diamond


Essential oils are much the same. Put them on and the skin is like a wick, taking them in. IF YOU NEED THEM. If you don't, they will sit in the dermal layers of your skin with very little being utilized. Hence, my viewpoint, you can't over oil your kids. As long as they are not ingesting oils. Then the body can't get away from an overdose.


My kids do take them internally, but with supervision and as needed. They also take tons of Young Living supplements, all infused with essential oils. A child unsupervised could potentially take out the orifice on the top of the bottle and drink the entire bottle. Potentially dangerous. Use common sense and research, please.