Many people choose to ingest essential oils.


I am one of them. On any given day, I take 3-5 drops of over a half a dozen different oils, some days much more. It really just depends on my needs that day. Gary Young is currently taking 150 drops of Frankincense and 85 drops of Helichrysum most days as a dietary supplement. Since I am not rich, nor do I own a bunch of farms like him, I tend to limit myself. Why would people ingest oil? Well, why do people ingest food? It keeps them healthy and happy. It is as simple as that.


Sometimes I make a tea, like the one pictured. A drop of thieves and lemon oil, and a bit of honey...yum. I find it is soothing to my throat, and I know after countless years of research, it is doing great things to help me maintain health and wellness. I cook with them. Pretty much daily. Why grab a dried, old, barely smelling or tasting herb from a container sitting in my pantry for the last year or two, when I can grab an essential oil and use a simple drop to bring about the taste several teaspoons of the herb could not accomplish. We use them in casseroles, soups, marinades, salsas and guacamoles, all baked goods we make, and most teas we consume. Do you know by fully drying out a plant, you have killed nearly all of the compounds that existed in it? Seriously. It is estimated you lose about 70% -- in some cases much higher -- of the plant's properties simply because you dried it out. No wonder it takes so much of a dried herb in a pot when it takes so little of the fresh one from your garden!