Everyone take a deep breath


Depending on where you are, it was either life affirming clean air, diffused essential oils, or smog in a city. Perhaps, maybe, like me, a musty old house provided by the military for our use while here in Japan. I can guarantee the dozen or so other families who lived here contributed dead skin cells, dust mites, bacteria, and particles of nastiness in the carpet, air systems, -- and if they smoked...the walls. GROSS ME OUT. Which is why living here takes all of my effort and diffusing skills.


Some people think when they smell a musty old house..."I need to go get some of those smell great plug-ins. Or perhaps a scented wax block or bottle of air freshener." So... now instead of nastiness in the house, they have chemical covered nastiness smelling of a synthetic spring meadow. The chemicals in those products have been shown to cause learning disabilities, headaches, hyperactivity in children, lack of focus in both kids and adults, and even skin issues. I equate it to high school students way back in the day who were smelling paint, glue, and other nonsense in an effort to get high. Do you want your kids high?
Knowing the dangers, some may search for a "natural" spray or wax block. These simply do not exist. They are not required to disclose the ingredients to you, the consumer, and as only 95% of the ingredients must be organic, it can have 5% garbage and still be labeled as organic. --- and once again --- let's not forget, even arsenic is organic. There are just some things the human body should not smell. EVER.
Using essential oils aromatically in a diffuser or smelling straight from the bottle is the same. Amazing, beautiful, beneficial, and the added benefit of smelling great. Replace those chemical plug-ins and wax warmers. Do you know if you put essential oils in a wax warmer, you do heat up and lose the compounds in the oil, but the smell is fabulous. Perhaps this is a great alternative to all of you who love this type of product. A teaspoon of coconut oil and a couple drops of essential oil in the wax warmer will smell amazing.