Remember stories of these guys? They went from town to town... hawking supplies, wares, tonics, items from the farmers. They were considered to be the best friend of the farmer, both selling items to the farmer, and contracting to sell things for the farmer.


Why? Well, the farmer was busy. From sun to sun, he was out in the field. He needed a middle man to go and help him sell his crops, get supplies, and handle the business side of things while he handled the crops. Great guy, the broker. Really, for a tidy sum, he'd sell you most anything. Not much has changed. For a tidy sum...he'd sell you most anything.


Many farmers still use brokers today. Many people looking for essential oils still buy from brokers. Most never even know it. How is this possible?


Well, you see, Mr. Broker contracted between Mr. Farmer and let's call them Company Fabulous. The broker assures Company Fabulous that his farmer used no pesticides, no chemicals, no synthetics. He knows his farmer distilled them properly for the right amount of time in a stainless steel distillery. He assures them the quality is the absolute best. It has his "certification!" Company Fabulous buys 30 gallons of essential oil, bottles it, labels it as certified and lists all the amazing things they know to be true about this batch of essential oils.


Because Company Fabulous says all of these great things on their pretty label, the vast majority of consumers are duped and feel confident they are getting the best essential oil. Great job, Mr. Broker. He did his job very well.


Here is the issue. Perhaps Mr. Broker really did know these things to be true. Perhaps they were all lies in an effort to sell. Perhaps he really has no idea the difference between quality oil and proper distillation versus inferior sludge unfit for pouring in the quality dirt. Who knows.


What we do know is this: there is no way to know what is in that bottle. No way to know if it is quality or garbage. No way to know if it was distilled properly, or distilled in a manner which killed all the compounds and injected them with aluminum. We have no way of knowing anything.


Not sure about you, but that does not sit right with me. I NEED to know.


So... how do you know? How do you really know? Know the FARMER. You don't need a middle man. You don't need a grocery store shelf. You need a FARM. One you can visit, smell, touch, work on, and experience for yourself. I know the farmer. He is a super great guy with a heart of gold who would walk through the rain so you could have his only umbrella, or offer you the shirt off his back if you were cold. He is old-school.


Work hard, be transparent in all you do so everyone will duplicate your efforts, and give your absolute best 100% of the time. This is the farmer I know and love. Gary Young has my heart. I have planted and distilled with him on the farms. I have sat at his dinner table and listened to his heart and mind. I have had the honor of calling him friend and knowing this means he would move mountains for me just because we are friends.



We are not in an inclusive relationship. One can never have too many friends. Do yourself a favor. Friend a farmer, not a broker.