You thought you were done with grades in school! Nope. Here they are, and like any grade given in high school, they are up for debate! As a matter of fact, their mere existence is up for debate. Who gives these grades, anyway? If there is no teacher (governing board) then who assigns grades to products?


The answer may surprise you. No one. A mystery teacher gave mystery grades. Okay. So let's talk about this one a bit. Just like you know GMO food to be a foul, inferior, Frankensteinian form of real food, we know there are the same issues with essential oils. We can sit at the table, talk about 100% organic corn being grade A, 70% organic being grade B, ordinary corn being grade C, and GMO corn being a solid F. If I put that chart out into the big wide world, in a year, those grades will be all over the internet and widely accepted as grades of corn. Well, the same thing happened to essential oils. There are no actual grades given by any governing board. But there ARE widely accepted grades in the essential oil world.

Grade A: Therapeutic Grade

This is the pure, unadulterated, properly distilled essential oil. No additives or fillers. Grown in beyond organic conditions.

Grade B: Natural or Food Grade

Ordinary plants, grown in ordinary conditions. Pesticides, weed killer, and chemicals during farming totally permissible. Just no added synthetics or fillers. It is "natural" and by this we mean substandard. Certified Organic can fall into this group as long as 95% is organic material.

Grade C: Perfume Grade

All of the properties of Grade B, but with added fillers, synthetics, chemicals, solvents. Most all perfume in world is sold this way. If you have wax block scent products, air plug ins, etc. This is where they fall. They are allowed to keep ingredients secret as others can imitate in selling another product.

Floral Water Grade

The hydrosol left over from distilling essential oil. Added to this is chemicals, synthetics, and fillers. There you have it. Grades from a mystery teacher. It doesn't take rocket science to figure out everything in life has an innate quality. Whether we assign it a grade, just talk about the differences, or listen to the so-called "experts," we know the difference between quality and garbage. It just gets much tricker to figure out where the trash is when it is wrapped up in a sweet smelling bouquet of marketing.


On this one... you just have to know the grower. If you don't know the grower, only God knows what you are getting.