While there is no governing board in the United States for essential oils, there is governing for food, chemicals, fragrances, and a bunch of other things. Since no one knew quite where essential oils fell, they became lumped in with all of the rest. How do we determine quality or usage? Well, really, it is very ambiguous at best. Ask ten people, get ten different answers. Not all essential oils can be food. Not all essential oils should only be topical. Nor only aromatic. Some people, myself included, take oils as dietary supplements while diffusing and wearing them.


The issue: according to current law...they must fall into ONE of a couple black and white categories.
Take lemon for example. Companies must submit paperwork to have it labeled as a dietary supplement. Sounds reasonable, right? But that it is a dietary supplement... we are not permitted to talk about putting it on our skin, cleaning with it, or putting it in the diffuser for therapeutic use. You see. It is not labeled for such use. Even though we know lemon smells good. We know lemon cleans our counters in the kitchen, and is excellent for teenage skin. So how do we get to talk about this? The company would need to submit the lemon under a different label. The same exact lemon. New paperwork, more importantly, more money and costs for approval. With a new label, it enters a new category. Sounds pretty unreasonable, huh?
Companies look at the most common use for a certain oil. They submit for this label and category. Does this mean I can't use my lemon to clean with or put in the diffuser? hmmm.
You be the judge. Your house. Your oils. Your life.
Don't let anyone else tell you what to do. I, personally, have always felt comfortable in using the oils in all three ways. On an average day, I take 5-10 different oils internally as a dietary supplement, I diffuse two or three in each of the six diffuser in our house, and I put them all over myself and my children when needed. I can't tell you if they are labeled dietary, aromatic, or topical. I don't look. I know what the plants are, I have studied the references, and spent years learning about the plants and oils are and what they do. My humble suggestion is you start there, too. Research, learn, be confident in your knowledge and quality of your Young Living oils. Hopefully, you already feel like you are learning a ton!