All of the information in this class leads us to one fact: having the most prized berry of ancient Chinese medicine, with the addition of six of the most health beneficial fruits on the planet, infused with four phenomenal citrus-based essential oils yields us an unsurpassed recipe of superior ingredients all located in one exceptional little bottle. To harvest the health benefits of all of these, you would be hard-pressed to not only obtain all of these ingredients, but to consume enough of the raw material to yield what comes in one tiny little glass.



**One last note on the taste. Does it taste sweet and tart to you? Or does it taste slightly bitter, tangy, and acidic to you? If the latter, you may be suffering from a PH imbalance. It is said when your body is more acidic, the taste of certain fruits will taste bitter, tangy, and acidic. When your body is more alkaline, you will taste the sweetness of the fruit and the tartness of the berries. I know several who have helped their body's become more alkaline by putting a few drops of lemon essential oil in their water daily. After a few weeks, they noticed a marked change in the taste of Ningxia.