Not all things are equal. It is a fact of life. This infographic shows the amount of food you would have to consume to equal the antioxidant, mineral, and nutrient content of Ningxia Red. The reason there is such a variety and huge amount in each category is simply because the minerals and nutrients in Ningxia Red do not occur in any single group of food. So, for example, take the tomatoes in the infographic. Ningxia Red contains lycopene (it is a member of the nightshade family, just as tomatoes are) -- you would have to eat 130 tomatoes to get the amount of lycopene occurring in a shot of Ningxia. Make sense? You can pretty much size up the fruit or veggie on the chart by its largest contributor of nutrients and know it is replaced by Ningxia. So, again, you would need to consume 100 oranges to equal the vitamin C in Ningxia.