We've talked a little bit about them, but what are they, really? Simply put, they are micronutrients able to help the body maintain homeostasis. Without them, your body is under constant bombardment from life's stresses and the toxins in our environment. Think of it like a rainstorm without an umbrella. You would never venture out in a downpour with out an umbrella, would you? Your body should never be under the rainstorm of life's harsh environment without the umbrella of good nutrition, yielding these special micronutrients.

How do they work?


Remember that field trip we were on not too long ago, where everyone had a buddy except that rebellious kid who was pitching a fit? Instead of letting him fester and ruin the whole trip for everyone, you simply gave him a partner. One who could tolerate his erratic behavior. Antioxidants are that buddy. They don't care who the partner is...they just want one. So, they step in place of the missing electron, buddying up with the lonely kid. You gotta love antioxidants. Anything so friendly has a huge place in my world.