pBody Repair



Your body is so amazing, it has highly efficient protocols in place to repair damage in organs, tissues, and body systems. These repairs rely on what you eat to help in the efforts to support, rebuild, or recycle all structures and processes of your body. Have you heard the phrase, "you are what you eat"? This honestly could not be more true. Eat garbage, your body dies. Eat healthy, nutritious food, your body lives. I want to draw your attention to the part in the slide talking about glutathione. We just discussed this earlier in the class when talking about sulfur. Notice, just as we learned, all body systems rely on key nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to process, develop other constituents needed by the body, or utilize to allow other systems to function properly. To say you are a well oiled machine would be an understatement. You are such a complex machine, even hundreds of years of science and study has yet to yield all the information and knowledge about your body. Do yourself a favor. Take the time to study each body system and how it works. What are the key nutrients needed for the system? Are you getting them? Not surprisingly, Ningxia Red gives you the vast majority of what you need.