mSodium Benzoate



What do you know about sodium benzoate? If you have been watching the news the last decade, you know there is a big brouhaha going on over sodium benzoate. As well there should be. Synthetic sodium benzoate is in EVERYTHING. It is nasty. Vile. Heinous. Disgusting. It should be banned. Synthetic sodium benzoate is so harmful to the human body, it should come with a warning like cigarettes do. Notice I keep saying synthetic? You see, sodium benzoate is a naturally occurring compound in some fruits. Fruits with some of the highest levels are apples, pears, apricots, and cranberries. This compound is like a natural fungicide for the fruit. God's way of keeping them from rotting and becoming rancid from mold or other harsh environmental agents.



Sodium Benzoate2




Young Living does have naturally occurring sodium benzoate in our Ningxia. If we remove it, the juice will turn to rancid vinegar very quickly. Unless we are all going to make our own and consume it within a couple of days, this is the only way we are going to keep our Ningxia shelf stable and healthy.





The hazards of this chemical have been known for decades. Yet, we still use it in many things. You should take some time to research this one as well, as it occurs in many of the drinks you purchase.






Benzene Formation



So, it is illegal to add benzene to your drinks. The FDA does monitor this, as well as our water sources. What they fail to tell you is that benzene occurs when vitamin c, citric acid, or ascorbic acid are mixed with sodium benzoate. Ugliness happens then. A chemical cocktail that has changed structure and formed benzene. But, hey, that's okay. We don't have to label our products with a warning...because we did not put that in the can. I don't know about you, but I want to know what I am consuming, and I do not trust someone interested in taking my money to tell me the truth about the ingredients in their product. I cannot be swayed by pretty packaging and nostalgic commercials, and neither should you!







Drinks to Avoid


Do you remember when certain soft drink companies advertised they added vitamin c so your kids would get a healthy dose of wellness in their drinks? Ummmm....well....yeah.... that just increased the content of benzene in the drink. Remember, vitamin C, ascorbic acid, and citric acid mixed with sodium benzoate will form benzene. Great job amplifying the effects of deadly toxins. If you are ready to cry and vomit in sickness at the thought you were duped into giving your sweet kidlets any of these products, please don't be. We have all been there and fell victim to marketing ploys and ingredient scams. Just move on, armed with the knowledge you will no longer be a victim and you will seek to restore health to your family.


Drinks to Avoid



*** Note, there are many others, as this list is not all inclusive, but I think all the major brands are listed. Please do some research.