iAronia Berry



Chances are, you have never heard of this little beauty. Its common name is the chokecherry. It is a somewhat sour, bitter berry, so it is best used in jams, pies, or other recipes calling for a sweetener to be added. What makes these little beauties as precious as diamonds is their antioxidant content. They have the HIGHEST score of any berry. What exactly is an ORAC score? Well, we'll talk about that a bit later, I promise. For now, you need to know these little berries pack a big punch.

In addition to this amazing quality, chokecherries contain anthocyanins. What is this, you ask? Well... one of God's gifts to health and wellness. Known for cardiovascular support, immune support, and digestive health. Anthocyanins are also known be a powerhouse of support for your visual acuity.