What isn't there to love about pomegranates? Maybe getting them out of the round bunker they are holed up in? Check out this video to learn how we get ours out of hiding without the enormous mess:









Looking at the health benefits, you would quickly surmise that you should NEVER be without pomegranates. I totally agree. Aside from fiber, folate, and a host of other minerals and vitamins, this one is a great source of magnesium! You NEED magnesium. It is estimated only 30% of people actually get the magnesium they need, and 20% of those get less than half of the daily requirement! Magnesium is needed for the body to function at its optimal level. If you are drinking soda, you are losing magnesium at a rapid rate. Why? Most dark colored sodas contain phosphates. These substances actually bind with magnesium inside the digestive tract, rendering it unavailable to the body. So even if you are eating a balanced diet, by drinking soda with your meals you are flushing magnesium out of your system. Not only magnesium, but calcium. These two minerals are leached out of the body at such an alarming rate simply by consuming a soda. The fact is, if your precious body did not have calcium and magnesium to leach out of your bones and bloodstream --- which help neutralize the effects of phosphates, you would die from drinking that soda. Do yourself a favor...grab the Ningxia instead. There is a reason magnesium researcher Mildred Seelig has called magnesium “the silent guardian of our hearts and arteries” and “necessary for life”.