cNR Fruit Blend



Ningxia RED doesn't just contain the wolfberry. It also contains several key fruits renowned for their amazing health benefits. While the wolfberry is in the form of puree, these fruits occur in concentrated form. As consumers, we are used to marketing terms, such as our orange juice, which states, "not from concentrate." Major orange juice producers came out bashing the competition telling the world their juice was pure squeezed juice -- never from concentrate. We have come to associate this as a negative thing. Nothing could be further from the truth.



If we were to use the whole juice in Ningxia Red, you would be receiving mere teaspoons of these fruits in the bottle. After all, a bottle only holds so much, right? How do you get six fruits and a puree in a bottle? You concentrate it. Concentration of a fruit juice means most of the water occurring in the juice has been removed to yield a thicker, more concentrated form of the juice. The problem with commercial juice is not the concentrate. It is the fact they concentrated it to store it for decades in warehouses. Then when they needed it, they reformulated with vats of water, and a host of chemicals and other constituents not naturally occurring in the orange juice to begin with --- all to create a Frankinsteinian form of orange juice that tastes the same year after year. With Young Living, the wolfberry, the base of our drink, is the puree we want you to have the most of in the bottle. We concentrate the other fruits so you can get the best of them without all the water. Then we add essential oils to make it the most phenomenal drink on the market.