Are you eating enough fiber? Do you know, not only is fiber associated with healthy elimination, it is known to help slow your body's breakdown of carbohydrates and absorption of sugar, thus helping the body control blood sugar levels. It is know for supporting heart and organ health. It helps you with your weight loss efforts and management as it will leave you feeling full longer.The psyllium husk in fiber is known for helping move yeast and fungus out of your body, preventing it from being excreted through the skin and causing skin issues. Fiber also helps the body's inflammation systems maintain their proper levels. I could go on and on about the benefits of fiber, but that really should be another class all by itself!

Wolfberry Statistics


If you look at the key nutrients and facts, you will be astounded by the amount of protein, the sheer volume of essential minerals and amino acids, and by the various vitamins and minerals contained in such a small berry. They contain MORE beta carotene than carrots and, pound for pound, about 500 times more vitamin C than oranges. Unbelievable.



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** One of the key points on each slide I want to draw your attention to is the glycemic index/load. For example, wolfberry has a glycemic index of 10.6. Its glycemic load is 1. This is HUGE. It means it doesn't mess around with your blood sugars. When searching for something to eat, look for fruits and veggies that have a glycemic index under 50, but also concentrate on the load. You cannot take one number into consideration without the other. The load is the effect it has on your body. For example, watermelon has a very high glycemic index of 72, but the load is 4. This is because it is mostly water volume. So, even though it is over 50, it is an excellent choice. Make sense?