For a product marketed to new moms -- one that makes a play on the word organic in its name, touts ingredients that are great for sensitive little skin, and even fragrance free -- it sure does score really low. Having looked at the ingredients, this stuff would be nowhere near my babies. Now, to be fair... the ingredients in question were preservatives. Apparently, six of their products contained a preservative (HHT - hexahydro-tyrosine) -- a KNOWN carcinogen. Now, I don't know about you, but even if every single other ingredient was great, the mere fact that a known cancer causing agent was in there...even at a tenth or fiftieth or one millionth of a percent, would simply just be too much to think about using it on my sweet little baby's clothes.
*** note, the manufacturers of Babyganics accepted responsibility for the ingredient and removed it from all of their products following their exposure by EWG. While I commend them on their actions, really, at the end of the day, it still comes down to not knowing what is in your products, an ingredient list too long and complicated to understand, and the omission of several ingredients on the list simply marketed as "other ingredients". Give me basic ingredients -- or I'll just make it myself -- but I am not going to use products I don't trust.