Before Young Living came out with Thieves laundry detergent, I would take Thieves cleaner and make my own. It worked great and I loved it, but now look at the convenience of having it all concentrated and ready to go! My biggest issue with this is I am a visual girl. I am used to having a giant scoop of detergent. Not a tablespoon. This messes with my mind. With the Thieves Household Cleaner, I add it to water and have a big bottle of goodness. In the wash? Well, I see that same little tablespoon go in a big wash basin and I feel incomplete. No, really. I'm that weird. So, what's a girl to do? I took an empty glass container with a pour spout and mixed up a batch of laundry detergent by measuring out the concentration so each tablespoon of detergent was with one quarter cup of filtered water. Now, I shake it up and pour out a quarter cup into my laundry scoop. Watching that much soap go into the basin makes me happy. Same amount of soap mind you. Just a different viewpoint. Besides, when I had to measure out a tablespoon of concentrate, it was so thick it stuck inside the cap and made me feel like I wasn't getting my whole tablespoon's worth every time. Now I KNOW I am.


Our laundry comes out CLEAN. Clear of residue, clear of scent, clear of everything dirty, including stains. If I have a particularly tough stain, I put the concentrate directly on it and let it sit for a bit before washing. Works perfectly! If you miss the smell of scented clothes, go get a wool dryer ball and add some of your essential oils to it. I promise you'll love it -- my latest batch of clothes smelled like Stress Away essential oil blend. Pure Heaven.