Ewwwww. Nasty. Even talking about toilets gives me the hebejeebies. This is one of the grossest spots in any house. Just for fun... do you know where the most bacteria laden area in your house is... it isn't the toilet. Prepare to be disgusted: your kitchen sink. Yep. It has more bacteria than a toilet bowl. Toilet cleaners are some of the toughest, most astringent solutions on the market today. If your kitchen sink is the nastiest, then why aren't they the toughest? Turns out, they are created to combat rings of calcium, lime, and mineral deposits. Their tough, scrubbing action is required to remove those deposits that sit in the basin for hours a day without movement. Once again, Thieves puts the competition to shame. Making a paste for scrubbing action or even a spray to combat the gunk will keep your toilet looking sparkly clean!