What do you use for oven cleaner? Still using Easy Off? Bet everyone here knows the slogan, "Easy Off makes oven cleaning easier!" Did you just sing that in your head? If you did, you are like millions of others who have had product marketing enter their head subconsciously. Later, in the grocery aisle... when you are reaching for something to clean that nasty oven, you hear the catchy tune. Do you reach for it? After seeing what's in it...ummmm... no. Just make a more concentrated version of your all-purpose cleaner to clean your oven, or if it is really nasty, spray it on straight and let it sit for a bit. If you are super motivated and like to make things, make a paste with thieves cleaner and baking soda to scrub with on those really caked on spots. Have you used this for your oven and stove? What is your favorite method?