What products do you currently use as all purpose cleaner? In the old days, I used 409. You know...back in the nineties when we were kept in the dark about ingredients. I was definitely an "over-sprayer" and thought more is more...spray those counters down until they shined and the floor so much it would turn into an indoor slip-and-slide. I shudder at the thought of all those chemicals and seriously wonder how my kids were not born with a third ear.


Seriously though, less IS more. As an all purpose cleaner, I take the concentrated container of thieves and add a few tablespoons worth (nope, I don't measure, just eyeball it) in the bottom of a glass spray bottle. Then I fill the rest up with filtered water and attack! Walls, windows, floors, stove tops, even my kids dry erase boards and my leather couches. Nothing gets skipped with this one. I confess, when I vacuum, I run around the house spraying it into the air like the thieves fairy dusting everything in a cootie neutralizing layer of my favorite smell. There just isn't a surface I don't coat in a blanket of thieves all-purpose cleaner.
I've noticed it leaves my windows and mirrors streak-free. As we use the sliding glass doors in my house as a homeschool blackboard, my windows get cleaned quite frequently. Knowing that it doesn't contain any of those harsh toxins I avoid, I have actually given the chore over to my kids. I am sure they are positively thrilled.
I have attached a few all purpose cleaners as comparisons so you can see how they stack up on the toxin scale. It is worth noting the slides came from the Environmental Working Group's website. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to helping rid the environment of toxic chemicals and to educate the masses on the hazards both environmentally and to humans. As their main focus is our environment, the grade system you will note in the top corners is for their environmental footprint, not their toxic levels in terms of health. That being said, most often, I have seen they are almost one in the same. The EWG has been one of my favorite groups for several years now and I am very familiar with their website. If you ever want about a month of reading, statistics, and almost comprehensive knowledge of toxins, head there. You can even type in the name of your cleaner and see how it stacks up.Trust me... you will most likely be horrified.