Young Living Thieves Products I cannot say enough about our Thieves line of household products. We use them on EVERYTHING. I even used thieves cleaner to take out red ink from my husband's uniform and other clothes when a pen left in his pocket exploded in the dryer on everything. We use it to clean toilets, floors, dishes, windows, you-name-it! It is highly concentrated, so depending on how you dilute it, you either have an all purpose cleaner or a tough scum fighter.


The dish soap is great -- amazing really. It just takes getting used to the fact that they did not add those commercial surfactants (aka toxic chemicals) that yield bubbles. We are so programmed to see bubbles and think clean, it does take a while to get used to a fraction of the bubbly. I promise though, once you see how your dishes are clean and sparkly, you will forget all about the bubbles. It was easier to get used to the laundry soap! I don't see inside my washer for lack of bubbles during the cleaning cycle. I just close the lid and thirty minutes later see the results. Clean clothes minus the chemical smell! We have been washing our clothes in thieves laundry soap since last August. Honestly, our clothes have never looked better!