Too many to list. Simply thousands. Really. They are in everything, everywhere, ALL-THE-TIME! No kidding. Don’t believe me? Well, let’s see. Get up in the morning and drink some orange juice. Chances are, it smells like a fresh orchard of oranges, right? Would it surprise you to know there is a flavor/fragrance pack of ethyl butyrate filling your glass? One created by the same teams of people who create perfumes. I am so not joking here.


Check out this article: http://www.foodrenegade.com/secret-ingredient-your-orange-…/


Next, go get dressed for the day. If you use conventional laundry soap, dryer sheets, or other commercial products in your wash, chances are your clothes smell lovely… like phthalates. Remember those from earlier? Yep. Same ones. Putting on make-up or fixing your hair will give you lovely scented powders, lotions, or hairspray… all with large doses of proprietary blended (means I don’t have to tell you what’s in them…it's a trade-secret that I am killing you…) fragrances. When you hop in the car for work, you are wearing or have ingested an average of over 200 chemicals all before even beginning your day. Back to that car. Have you ever noticed that new car smell? Even after it is LONG GONE… a year later even… you are still smelling the chemical nectar of toxins known to cause cancer, organ failure, reproductive failure, and a host of other issues. As we go about our day, we will be confronted with air fresheners in public restrooms, people wearing all of their own fragrance filled chemicals, and environments overflowing with an abundance of substances you don’t even realize are there. No wonder you are exhausted by three pm and nearly dead by dinner. Your system is overloaded from the time you get up until the time you go to bed. Your hormones, severely disrupted and abused by all of these encounters, are not functioning at optimum levels. In fact, they may hardly be functioning at all.
As the basis for EVERYTHING in your ENTIRE body, if your hormones are out whack, your body is out of whack. Honestly, is it any wonder we are a population of sick, tired, and chronically diseased people? Too much evidence to be a coincidence, don't you think?