If parabens had a rival for the worst chemicals in home products award it would go to glycol ethers. Used in solvents for paints and varnishes, in perfume and cosmetics, and as a cleaning agent and general solvent in household cleaners, glycol ethers can cause anything from a headache to systemic toxicity and long-term health issues. Animal studies have reported testicular damage, reduced fertility, maternal toxicity, early embryonic death, birth defects, and delayed development from inhalation and oral exposure to the glycol ethers.


See this link for a comprehensive list of possible side effects:


Know those synthetic wax blocks, air fresheners in aerosol cans and plug-ins? Yep. Those. They all contain glycol ethers. When you are in a room with those, not only are you smelling them, you are ingesting them. Remember, everything you breathe enters the body, bloodstream, and organs. Glycol ethers are then present in every cell of your body. Children are even more affected than adults. Easy to see why: a tiny body being pumped with toxins. Heaven forbid you use those plug-ins, scent blocks, and air fresheners in the winter. With a lack of fresh air in a well-heated winter house, this is simply a recipe for disaster. Want to hear something cringe worthy? When you heat up glycol ethers, you magnify their properties. Tell me again how you use scent blocks and plug-ins? Oh. Yea. You heat them up. Brilliant and terrifying all at the same time.