Specifically in this case, petroleum distillates, a product derived from petroleum, are used in beauty care and home care products. Thousands of products now contain petroleum distillates, with more being added each day. They are super cleaners and can strip adhesive or film off in minutes. Perhaps one of the most toxic ingredients, they are suspected of causing everything from headaches to infertility and cancer. As with most toxins, we haven’t been using petroleum distillates long enough to know the long-term health effects, but we know there is strong evidence to link usage with chronic health symptoms, organ failure, and systemic breakdown.


While many states are turning a blind eye to this one, and the government has yet to issue any formal warnings concerning petroleum distillates, there are a few states taking the initiative (based on available research and cases of heinous side effects) to issue warnings concerning the use of petroleum distillates. New Jersey is one such state.


See their information and warnings here:


Hopefully, as the truth comes to light and mounting evidence becomes undeniable, petroleum distillates will be removed from all of our household products. Until then, let’s avoid this one, shall we?