cWhy it matters



Honestly, at the end of the day, does it really matter? A thousand times, yes. You see, it isn't the minutes of exposure or the fact that it is only touching your skin... you aren't ingesting it, after all. There are even people who will wear gloves or a face mask and think they are safe. Nothing could be further from the truth. Science has shown us everything we come in contact with, whether we breathe it in, touch it, or eat it, soaks into our bloodstream and is present in every cell of our body. The effects linger for much longer -- sometimes permanently -- after the exposure.


Did you know:
• Of the 80,000 chemicals permitted in the U.S., the EPA required testing of only 500.
• Every day, 42 billion pounds of chemicals are produced or imported -- we don't know the health risks of 75 percent of them.
• Asthma rates have doubled in the last thirty years -- now upwards of 60 million sufferers.
• Babies at birth have evidence of more than 200 chemicals in their systems.…/newborn-babies-chemica…/
• The vast majority of ingredients in cleaners and household products never make it to the label. Due to current regulations, most do not need to be disclosed. They occur on the bottle as "other ingredients" and sometimes make up 50-75% of the solution.