aClean living title



The average consumer purchases their cleaning supplies based on fancy marketing and splashy propaganda slogans all over colorful bottles and packaging. Slogans like "all natural" or "organic" are everywhere. We are led to believe our cleaning supplies are, in essence, clean. Nothing could be further from the truth. Few people look beyond the wrapper to see the list of ingredients. Dozens of chemicals most cannot pronounce -- all with a list of side effects so terrible we would avoid being in the same room with them if we only knew... but we don't... so we use them in our home, on our clothes, and around our children. We think if we just wear gloves we are safe. Maybe if we rinse it clean we are okay. Perhaps we clean when our kids are at school so they aren't around it. What we don't realize is... the fumes linger in the air, filling our lungs, the residue lingers in the fibers of our washed clothing -- activated by the heat of our body and movement, and the film of them lingers on the surface of counters, windows, and furniture. How can we avoid chemicals? Well, the sad truth is... we just can't. They are literally everywhere. But we can take them out of our homes.