These toothpastes barely bubble. Don't be fooled into thinking bubbles mean clean. You won't even miss the bubbles in these!


Toothpaste: Dentadrome comes in two flavors/combinations. The first is Dentadrome Plus. A base of baking soda blended with wintergreen, peppermint, and our thieves essential oil (lemon, rosemary, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and clove), this toothpaste is fabulous. The difference in the Dentadrome Ultra is instead of baking soda, there is a base of calcium carbonate and zinc citrate (to help whiten those little coffee and tea stained pearls)! Both toothpastes are preservative, dye, and fluoride-free. For those who haven't studied chemicals in personal care products, fluoride-free is a huge deal and ANY toothpaste you choose should be free of this lethal toxin.


Fluoride: It is a known neurotoxin, which not only affects the brain and memory, but also your nervous system. Symptoms include chronic fatigue memory loss, pain, brittle bones and teeth, reproductive toxicity/failure, and a host of other chronic conditions.


Fluoride bioaccumulates in the body. The average adult urinates about 40-50% out daily, the rest will build in the body. Children absorb about 80% of fluoride. This leads to excess calcification of the teeth. If you are uncertain what that is... if you have ever seen people with white splotched or mottled like a marble tan/white teeth, this is excess fluoride. The teeth become permanently stained and brittled -- filled with tiny holes, sometimes enough to cause chipping or cracking. Basically, swiss cheese teeth. This subject is near and dear to my heart.


As a young mom, I had no idea fluoride was bad. Because of my ignorance, my little girl has extreme hyper-calcification in many of her teeth -- specifically her molars. Her teeth are soft, porous, and brittle. According to her last dentist, the teeth of a senior citizen. We did not give her excess fluoride in supplement. This came solely from drinking fluoridated tap water. In the area we were living, fluoride levels were high. As babies tend to bioaccumulate 80plus% of this toxin, it just built up in her little system. We can see her teeth. Now imagine what her bones look like. I shudder to think about this. We now have a Berkey water filtration system to take all the toxins and fluoride out!


After several years of truly healthy water, I can only hope our healthy lifestyle and water has helped detoxify her little body.


Thieves Mouthwash: Made with our Thieves blend (see above). If you like spicy cinnamon flavors, you will love this! It is enough of a red-hot flavor to take your breath away. It can be used with a shot of water to offer a less spicy flavor. I promise you... your mouth will feel spectacularly clean.