Now... before you get your hopes up... these are not super bubbly shampoos. Remember, to have super bubbles, you need super chemicals. There are some bubbles...enough to get the job done... bubbles created with natural ingredients that smell like vanilla and mint.



Filled with fruit extracts like wolfberry, palm fruit, and yucca, blended with numerous essential oils and plant extracts, including silk protein, your hair will thank you for trying these!


**note: it DOES take a couple of months for your hair to adjust to these all natural products and for all the nasty chemical residue coating each of your hair follicles and strands to truly clean away.


My favorite essential oils in the Copaiba Vanilla are, of course the copaiba, and the lime! I LOVE LIME OIL! It leaves your hair shiny and helps with volume! In the Lavender Mint, my favorite oils are the ones it is named after: lavender and mint!


Other options include:


Lavender Mint Shampoo and Conditioner


Lavender Volume Shampoo and Conditioner