Right now, Young Living has two deodorant smells: Meadow Mist and Mountain Mint. Both are aluminum and paraben free! Remember when we discussed these toxins in relation to breast tumors? With a base of coconut oil, beeswax, and vitamin E, both are infused with essential oils to help you stay fresh and clean throughout the day. In Meadow, my favorite oil is Rosemary. In Mountain, it is the peppermint. That being said, I'm going to be totally honest here. I buy neither one! Yes, I have tried them. They work well. I am just not fond of the woodsy smell in either of them. If you like the great outdoor smell, you will love these. What do I use? Okay... this is going to sound weird... and if there were not hundreds of followers of this practice, I would feel like a freak... I use Thieves toothpaste. Seriously. I wish they would just create a hardened deodorant version. I love the way it works, smells, feels -- everything about it. Now, I have heard from some of my sweatier friends that it wasn't enough, but for me, it is just perfect.


Lavender Lotion:

This one is a Young Living classic. Lavender was the first oil Young Living grew, distilled, and bottled. This lotion was our first essential oil infused lotion. It is fabulous. Creamy, lightweight, soaks in quickly -- it is always in my house.


Bar Soaps:

I love the bar soaps! They are thick blocks of goodness that last a long time and create a great lather. Made with a blend of palm, coconut, and olive oil, these are the scents available:


Lavender Rosewood

Lemon Sandalwood

Melaleuca Geranium

Morning Start

Peppermint Cedarwood

Sacred Mountain

Thieves Bar Soap



Please hop on to Young Living's website and explore the different essential oils in the soap blends. My absolute favorite? Valor. Smells exactly like the oil and is spectacular. My other two favorites? Lemon Sandalwood and Peppermint Cedarwood.