The key ingredient in this one to take note of is methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). What does it do?! Well, it supports collagen formation -- this means firmer skin and fine lines are less visible. Essential oils to take note of and research further: geranium, myrrh, sandalwood, and ylang ylang. They are added to help soften and smooth skin.


Lastly, all of this is in a nice, creamy base of frankincense (that would be the word "boswellia" for the newbies!) and wolfberry (the same brilliant little fruit that is in our amazing Ningxia) seed oil help encourage the formation of collagen.



Can anyone EVER have enough wolfberry? ummm, no! Okay, so you know how women have forever been putting green tea bags and cucumbers on their eyes to take away puffiness and firm up the skin or smooth all those cute little laugh lines around their eyes? Well, you will NEVER have to do this if you own this little vial of spectacular goodness!


There is green tea and cucumber extract in the mix of essential oils and luscious, hydrating seed oils. In this blend, not only does wolfberry seed oil create a creamy base, but the inclusion of shea butter and seed oils of Jojoba, Mango, Rosehip, Avocado, Olive, Kukui (do yourself a favor and research this little Hawaiian beauty -- prepare to be amazed!), Almond, and Coriander seed oil make sure this little beauty is a MUST HAVE for any beauty routine.


My three favorite essential oils in this blend? Bergamot, Frankincense, and Roman Chamomile. -- you'll want to look those up, too. Unbelievable goodness, right there, folks!