This one is for the man in your life, and if he is like the man in mine, he will be fighting you on this one until he tries it. You see, this one is a cream. Not a foam like 90% of the shaving creams on the market. BUT... as we've discussed, most foamy stuff has a ton of chemicals so we don't want them to stick with their current products.


I'm sure the thought at first is...


"How can a cream really work...will it feel like I'm shaving with lotion?"


Yes! It will work. No! It does not feel like lotion.


It is a light, airy, creamy concoction that allows the razor to glide effortlessly along the face resulting in a smooth, close shave. For those whose husband is a handsome porcupine like mine (he can shave in the morning and have stubble by evening and it is hard and bristled) this cream is amazing.


It has softened his face quite a bit and has the added benefit of smelling AMAZING. It smells just like our men's Shutran essential oil, which my hubby uses as a cologne. All I can say is hubahuba.




The ingredients in this one are off the chart amazing, but the ones to concentrate on are the base of mango and coco butter blended with olive, palm, and grapeseed oil infused with honey and a blend of essential oils that are phenomenal.


My favorite three essential oils in this blend are our Black Spruce (from our Northern Lights Canada farm), Idaho Blue Spruce (from our Highland Flats Farm in Idaho) and Ylang Ylang (from our Ecuador Farm). Do a little research on those - I promise you won't be disappointed!