This creamy lotion boasts an impressive list of essential oils and extracts -- each one designed to help you maintain a healthy glow and even skin tone.


My favorite three ingredients in this one are our Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood (from our Kona, Hawaii farm), Sacred Frankincense (from our farm in Oman), and Melissa (from our St. Maries farm in Idaho) essential oils. Do yourself a favor and research just these three -- you will be completely amazed. I have been using this cream for over a year now and would not be without it!


Why? I have long suffered from an uneven complexion. My cheeks will be blotchy, my t-zone will tan faster (the result of excess oil production in that area) and certain parts of my face tend to be drier and prone to wrinkles. I use Sheerlume about three or four times a week. One small, pea-sized amount on a damp face feels blissful.


Since I know I will be asked... yes, you can use this one every day. I just like two other creams we will discuss, as well... so I just alternate!