In case anyone was wondering... ART stands for Age Refining Technology! I think this system certainly helped my aging factor. A three part collection, it consists of a foaming face wash, a toner, and a light moisturizer.


Face Wash: This is probably my favorite one of the three. It is super gentle and hydrating. My face feels really clean with this one. Having used many cleaners in the past, I can tell you a ton of them leave a film on your face. Note to sensitive skin people: I HAVE THE MOST SENSITIVE SKIN ON THE PLANET. If I can use it, you can, too! It is just lovely! One tiny pump in wet hands covers my entire face.


Toner: Most people tend to squeeze toner on a cotton ball and go to town, rubbing all over the place. Please don't do this. The purpose of a toner is to bring PH balance to your skin. Yes, dirt may be lurking in your pores and come out during this rub- athon, but really, you are just wasting all of your precious toner in the cotton ball. Far better, put a tiny squirt in the palm of your hands and put it all over your face like men do with their aftershave. Then, after a minute or two, if you must, grab a cotton ball and just go over your nose and perhaps chin or forehead once or twice lightly.


Light Moisturizer: This one is amazing as far as moisturizers go. With my sensitive skin and easily clogged pores, most moisturizers leave me feeling greasy and prone to breakouts. Again, one pump covers my entire face. Within about 3-5 minutes it soaks completely into the skin leaving no residue or hint it was even there. All you are left with is supple skin that feels like silk.