Now that we have discussed the top ten offenders in cosmetics, let's look at the alternatives.


Yes, I know you are thinking right now that there are more chemicals than just those ten types. You are absolutely right. Honestly, there are hundreds. As we can't host a five week class on all of them, you'll just have to trust me when I say they are as awful as the ones we have discussed.


The good news is there are so many natural products on the market today. Widespread awareness of chemicals and toxins has resulted in a more demanding population -- concerned families everywhere are making it a priority to purchase wholesome, natural, and toxin-free products. To avoid loss of profit and business, many companies are making the switch.


We all know one company that doesn't need to switch ANYTHING, as they have been chemical free all along: Young Living -- in case you haven't guessed -- my FAVORITE COMPANY!


Our products are simply unmatched! With natural, healthy ingredients and the inclusion of our amazing line of essential oils, you will not find better beauty products on the market today. We'll talk a little bit about some of my favorites, but won't cover all of them, so please ask a friend or view the product catalog listed here.