Okay, so we’re talking about Vitamin A here, folks! Why? Vitamin A is healthy, right? An essential nutrient for life? Yep. The very same one. This is why so many people jump behind the safety claim: “it’s just vitamin A and we NEED that for our health, anyway, people!” Wrong, wrong, wrong!!!


Studies show that when applied to sun-exposed skin these compounds can increase skin sensitivity.


Furthermore, sunlight breaks down vitamin A to produce those same free radicals we were talking about earlier in the class that can damage DNA and hasten skin lesions and tumor. These ingredients are widely used in sunscreens, skin lotions, hair care, lip products and makeup.



Want to hear something just as scary? No, you don’t. But I’m going to tell you.


See, retinol products were made because they slough off the dead skin along with good skin that may be less than perfect and leave a smooth layer – think a minor skin peel, exposing raw, fresh, NEW skin cells. Oh, you will look younger all right. For a little while.


Turns out… our skin has a FINITE number of skin cells. It doesn’t proliferate endlessly. When too many layers are ripped away with retinol products, the skin gets thinner and thinner. After a few years, you are left with thin, dry, brittle, aged-skin – looking far worse than it would have if you had just supported the skin you had instead of trying to peel it off sheet by sheet. Horrifying, isn’t it? If this weren't enough, studies on mice show it may cause cancer and reproductive toxicity.


For the sake of your health, Vitamin A should only be a consumed vitamin from natural sources and not these Frankin-derivatives added to creams and beauty products!


Look for these on the label and avoid: Retinol, vitamin A, retinyl acetate, retinyl palmitate, all-trans retinoic acid, tretinoin.