It turns out, the amygdala in your brain is hard-wired to be receptive to beauty. Go figure. For whatever reason, (probably procreation, lol) your amygdala will tell you when something is beautiful to you.


We have taken that idea of beauty and focused on the aspects we love as a culture. Remember when Marilyn Monroe made the world want a mole on their face? How about when the Hollywood “it” girls of the eighties made us all think crimping irons and a giant wall of bangs sprayed four inches off of your forehead were beautiful?


While the fashion details of beauty have evolved from decade to decade, the ideal beauty in form and features have remained fairly constant.


What does this tell us? If we are not designed by God with classically beautiful features and form – should we throw in the towel and give up? Not by a long shot.


Turns out, beauty isn’t just skin deep.


Other qualities considered beautiful: funny, generous, kind, graceful, honest – along with a host of other traits – all resonate beautifully in the eye of the beholder.


That being said, the reality is we all try to look our best – there is no denying it.


In this class, we aren’t promoting how to change your perception of beauty or show you how to feel more beautiful. We are simply looking at what you currently use in the way of beauty care (hair, face, body, and oral) to feel your best.


Chances are, the products you are currently using – while making you feel great – are actually poisoning you to death.