Perhaps, when hearing this question, your mind is drawn to an iconic Hollywood figure like Marilyn Monroe. Blond hair, large chest, hourglass figure, wide doe-eyed look in flawlessly proportioned face. Maybe it is the more simple beauty of someone like Sandra Bullock; thin, dark hair, laughing eyes, facial features that are arresting in their prominent bone structure with high cheekbones and narrow Grecian nose. Whatever your idea of beauty is, you are certain it is beautiful. Who told you this? Magazines, books, movies, advertisements all show these images of beauty. As far back as infancy, we are shaping our ideas of beautiful. Honestly, deny it all we like, we are more likely to be drawn to beautiful people – who conversely, tend to get the best jobs, the higher salaries, the public adoration, and the general notice of the world around them. Does this make them happier? Nope. They have all the same ups and downs as the rest of us. Redefine beauty. YOU are beautiful. Without any of the products we discuss today or any undertaking of exercise, surgery, or cosmetics -- YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!